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Benefits of having your own ATM cash machine

  • Attract & retain more customers
  • Increase cash in your customer's hands
  • Increase your profits
  • Convenient service for your customers
  • No risk
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the amount of bad cheques
  • Earn revenue on each transaction

Free Banking

All the money deposited through an ATM is devoid of banking charges; typically a business will be paying between 0.4% to bank cash over the counter. A machine dispensing an average of £500 per day would save you £60 per month in bank charges alone.

Increase in Customer Spend

This can vary from site to site but one thing is for sure a proportion of the money will be spent back, and in drinking environments this can be very high. A recent report conducted by Punch indicated a 13% increase in sales volume of those pubs with an ATM installed.

More facts and figures

  • Since ATM deregulation there has been an increase of over 100% in installed ATM cash machines in the UK. This largely down to the increase in privately owned ATMs.
  • Customer retention is vital to businesses nowadays and it has been proved that if a customer leaves a premises to collect cash at least 85% will not return.
  • To succeed in the future, cash based businesses will have to embrace more services and technologies, ATMs being one of these.
  • Reports suggest the following figures represent the percentage of cash withdrawn from the ATM that is spent on the premises.

    Supermarkets = 15-20%
    Pubs/Clubs = 60%
    Amusements = 70%

    The average withdrawal is £50


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